November 30, 2010

Ellen Allien & Apparat

Ellen Allien & Apparat

J Dilla

by J Dilla


by Seeland

Harlem Shakes

by Harlem Shakes

Atlas Sound

by Atlas Sound

Lil Wayne

by Lil Wayne

Hot Chip

by Hot Chip

Wolf Parade

by Wolf Parade

November 27, 2010

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Beach House

by Beach House

The Avalanches

by The Avalanches


by Michna
Genre- electronic, electro, indie, indie pop
Location- Brooklyn, New York
Other Works- Eggstra EP, 2009
Adrian Michna

Adrian Michna

More Info- Michna is DJ and producer Adrian Michna who grew up in both New York and Miami, Florida.  He used to go by the name DJ Egg Foo Young.  He began playing music as a trombonist playing ska music in NYC clubs/bars.  He moved to Miami in the 90's and began a DJ collective with two others called the Secret Frequency Crew.  His debut album Magic Monday features artwork from his friends in the Miami art collective, Friends with You.  He has produced tracks for Diplo, and he mixes hip hop instrumentals into his music.  He is on the record label Ghostly International


by Electrelane
Genre- indie, indie pop, indie rock
Location- Brighton, England
Other Works- Rock It to the Moon, 2001
The Power Out, 2004
Axes, 2005
No Shouts No Calls, 2007
On Parade, 2011
More Info- consists of:
Mia Clarke-guitarist
Rachel Dalley-bassist, replaced in 2004 by Ros Murray
Emma Gaze- drummer
Verity Susman- keyboardist/guitarist
Tracks I Recommend- Greater Times
Between The Wolf And The Dog
Cut And Run


by Japanther
Genre- indie rock, indie pop, new wave, punk, post punk revival
Location- NYC
Other Works- Tut Tut, Now Shake Ya Butt
Yer Living Grave
Dump the Body in Rikki Lake, 2003
Master of Pigeons, 2005
Scuffed Up My Huffy, 2007
Don't Trust Anyone Over 30, 2009
More Info- Consists of Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek.  Formed in 2001 where the two met as undergrads at The Pratt Institute, a NYC art school.
Tracks I Recommend- Life Is Strange
                                    Not At War
                                    Alone In The Basement

Neon Indian

by Neon Indian
Genre- electronic, indie, indie rock, synth pop, dance
Location- Brooklyn, NY/Austin, TX
More Info- Consists of composer Alan Palomo from Brooklyn and Alicia Scardetta who does visuals from Austin.
Tracks I Recommend- Deadbeat Summer
                                    6669 (i don't know if you know)
                                    Ephemeral Artery

Coconut Records

by Coconut Records
Genre- indie, indie pop, indie rock
Location- L.A., California
Other Works- Davy, 2009
More Info- Coconut Records consists of musician and actor Jason Schwartzman, who starred in such  films as Rushmore and Spun.
Tracks I Recommend- West Coast
                                    Minding My Own Business
                                    It's Not You It's Me